Our Approach

Brilliantly Simple Technology

Kinetico: A Historic Past

Since 1970, Kinetico has been designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment systems and water softener systems that solve a variety of water problems. Kinetico continually develops and offers products to meet the diverse water treatment needs of people in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

At Kinetico of West Texas, our complete systems are designed to improve water quality throughout Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland, including well and municipal water sources. Each Kinetico system is made in Newberry, Ohio, and is customized for the specific water it will treat. Our non-electric technology along with our salt-free options make them a breeze to own and maintain.


Our systems are powered by moving water—not electricity—so there are no electric parts to break that require costly repairs. And the high-quality water Kinetico systems produce help extend the life of your pipes, appliances, fixtures, clothing and more.

Environmental Stewardship

Fresh water is an essential natural resource that we all depend upon. We are committed to responsible water use and preservation to meet today’s global economic and environmental needs without compromising the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs.

Unmatched Performance

Our systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically. With more contaminant removal and no spikes in performance, you can be confident they will outperform other options available and provide you with clean, clear water for years and years.

Our Team Works Wonders

Leadership Team
Keith Peel

Keith Peel


Lynne Peel

Lynne Peel


Joey Hyman

Joey Hyman

Service Manager

Jennifer Byrd

Jennifer Byrd

Sales Manager

Shannon King

Joe Robertson

Warehouse Manager

Coral Martinez

Coral Martinez

Office Manager

Office & Service Team

Kayla Kiss


Grant Caravelli

KinetiCare Coordinator

Haylee Luce

Affordable Water Solutions Division

Brian Trout

Senior Territory Manager (Midland/Odessa)

Rick Hamm

Territory Manager (Odessa)

Steven Derrick

Territory Manager (Lubbock)

Nikki Smith

Territory Manager (Lubbock)

Cindy Jennings

Territory Manager (Amarillo)

Armando Hernandez

Service Technician

Bret Giles

Service Technician

Jeff Eade

Licensed Plumber (Lubbock/Amarillo)

Eric Giles

Licensed Plumber (Midland/Odessa)

What Customers Say

“My hair feels great and no more dry itchy skin! No more lugging bottles around for our drinking water either. I love our Kinetico Reverse Osmosis water and my husband is thrilled with how much better our coffee and teas are!”

Terri ArthurOwner, Fragrance of Heaven

“My water tastes so much better!”

Mary Guetersloh Lubbock, TX

“Our water is great and we have softer skin & hair!”

Harold Bob & Ruth Bennett Lubbock, TX

“Our Kinetico water softener and K5 drinking station have changed our lives. Not only does our previously incredibly hard well water now taste great, it is safer for the whole family and will save our appliances and fixtures from the wear and tear of Lubbock water.”

Toby BrooksLubbock, TX

“Worth the system for the softer skin and hair and we love our Reverse Osmosis!”

Whitney & Tanner Arthur Lubbock, TX

“We love our Kinetico system! Our water is so much softer!”

Carla & Ron Bremer Lubbock, TX

Water Treatment Demonstration

Amarillo Water Clinics

Home Depot at Georgia Street: 2410 Georgia Street S. 1st Sunday of Every Month from 10am-12pm

Home Depot at Soncy Road: 2500 Soncy Road
1st Sunday of Every Month from 1pm-3pm

Lubbock Water Clinics

Home Depot at the Loop location: 5801 W. Loop 289 2nd & 4th Saturday of Every Month from 2pm-4pm

Midland Water Clinics

Home Depot Midland: 4009 N. Midland
2nd Saturday of Every Month from 8am-12pm

Home Depot Odessa: 5181 E. 42nd Street
2nd Saturday of Every Month from 1pm-5pm